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Molnár & Magyar Medley Quartet Inside Cut

Apr 1, 2012  - Craig Lord

At the Debrecen meet in Hungary, an Olympic qualifier event, Ákos Molnár, A Jöv‘ SC Veolia, clocked 2:11.41 (30.80, 1:03.89, 1:37.56) in the 200m breaststroke to give himself a strong chance of joining world champion Daniel Gyurta on the Hungarian squad for London 2012. 

Medley and butterfly ace László Cseh took second in 2:15.54, 0.03sec ahead of the winner's clubmate, Dávid Verrasztó. Cseh later won the 50m butterfly in 24.27 and helped the Hungarian national medley quartet make the grade for London 2012.

Peter Bernek on 54.88, Daniel Gyurta on 1:01.24, Cseh on 52.55 and Kriszstian Takacs on 49.20 summed up at 3:37.87, a time likely to make the world top 16 required for London 2012 access.

Zsuzsanna Jakabos, ANK Uskoclub Pecs, concluded her meet with a 58.82 win in the 100m butterfly ahead of Tompa Orsolya, on 59,67, with Liliana Szilagyi, 15, on 59.93 for this, after turning ahead of the top two in 28.43.

Verrasztó's sister Evelyn was the far-out-ahead victor in the 200m medley, on 2:13.89 soon after she had won the non-olympic backstroke dash in 29.80, while Péter Bernek, of K‘bánya, pipped Rochard Bohus, Békéscsaba El‘re ÚK, 54.90 to 54.93 in the 100m backstroke.

Agnes Mutina, A Jovo SC, led the way in the 200m free on 2:00.16 ahead of Boglarka Kapas, on 2:00.36. Kapas was back in later for the concluding race of the meet that ended with a 16:12.95 win in the women's 1500m free for Eva Risztov, of Debrecen. The victor broke away after 800m,  leaving Kapas on 16:25.51 for second, with 14-year-old Flora Sibalin third in 16:37.67. 

Krisztián Takács, coached by Éva Berzlánovits at Dunaferr DVSI, led two international visitors home in 49.65 over 100m freestyle.  Out first at the turn was Romanian's Norbert Trandafir on 23.55, the Hungarian on 23.77, Dominik Kozma, K‘bánya, on 24.04 and Chad Le Clos (RSA) on 24.17. Trandafir could not hold off Takács on the way home to second in 49.79, with Le Clos taking third in 49.94, 0.05sec ahead of Kozma.

In the women's 100m breaststroke, Tanja Smid (SLO) and Ronwyn Roper (RSA) clocked 1:10.71 and 1:10.87 for the top two spots.

Hungary will not select its final team for London 2012 until after nationals in June and beyond hosting the European Championships back in Debrecen in May. Many, however, are already preselected from times swum at Shanghai world titles last year and at various meets since, the list of those who have swum inside the London 2012 cut sometime in the last year as follows (surnames first):


  • Takács Krisztián
  • Kozma Dominik
  • Zámbó Balázs 
  • Kis Gerg‘
  • Verrasztó Dávid
  • Gyurta Gergely
  • Bernek Péter
  • Balog Gábor
  • Molnár Ákos
  • Madarassy Ádám
  • Biczó Bence
  • Cseh László
  • Verrasztó Dávid


  • Jakabos Zsuzsanna
  • Mutina Ágnes
  • Verrasztó Evelyn
  • Mutina Ágnes
  • Kapás Boglárka
  • Risztov Éva
  • Povázsai Eszter 
  • Sztankovics Anna
  • Sztankovics Anna 
  • Dara Eszter
  • Hosszú Katinka