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Trembley Hires Lawyer After Dismissal

Jan 6, 2012  - Craig Lord

John Trembley, the University of Tennessee swim coach, is under investigation - though local reports in the US conclude: no one's saying for what or why.

Police yesterday turned over their findings to Knoxville Police Department investigators considering whether there are grounds for a criminal investigation into the "gross misconduct" that led to the six-time SEC Coach of the Year being dismissed from his job this week.

Trembley has hired defense lawyer Don Bosch to represent him. Neither investigators nor legal representatives have provided details of the case or hinted at the nature of the alleged offence(s).

"Coach Trembley looks forward to addressing the results from this investigation at the appropriate time," Bosch wrote in a statement.

Among investigators is Richard Giammarino, described by local media as "a veteran KPD detective, typically investigates fraud, forgery, embezzlement and other financial crimes". Local media suggest that it may be a case of alleged inappropriate use of programme funds.

Dave Hart, UT vice chancellor and director of athletics, notified Trembley in writing on Tuesday this week that he was to be "relieved of his duties" for violation of his contract. The letter stated: "For the reasons we discussed today, the university has determined that you have engaged in acts of gross misconduct as defined by university policy."

Trembley's contract is said to define gross misconduct as "theft or dishonesty; gross insubordination; willful destruction of university property; falsification of records; acts of moral turpitude; reporting for duty under the influence of intoxicants; illegal use, manufacture, possession, distribution, or dispensing of controlled substances or alcohol; disorderly conduct; provoking a fight."

A wide range of possibilities then. Trembley has the right to appeal against his dismissal.