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Calgary Academy for Swimming Excellence

Feb 1, 2006  - Mike Blondal

As many of you have read in the last week, Swimming Canada is closing the National Swimming Centre in Calgary effective March 31, 2006, and moving it to British Columbia. The National Centre has been associated with our programs since 1994. While the National Centre has been part of a very successful swimming program in Calgary, an exciting new chapter follows. In anticipation of this occurrence, a team of people has been working since last year on an exciting new initiative.

On April 1st, 2006, the Calgary Academy for Swimming Excellence will start operations. This is an exciting new opportunity for those who support swimming excellence. The Acadamy will move forward with a clear, independent vision and plan for the development and continued production of internationally competitive swimmers.

The Academy is made possible through new funding partners, one of which is the newly formed Calgary Foundation for Swimming Excellence. Several corporate funding partners have stepped forward to help make this a reality. The partners are committed to building on our legacy of success.

National Coach Jan Bidrman, to be contracted by the Academy, will continue coaching in Calgary. Future scholarships and enhanced program funding and will be made available through the Calgary Academy.