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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

This will be the 10th and final issue for 1998. Expect the first issue of 1999 mid January.

We are pleased to reprint an article that first appeared in the weekly magazine 'New Scientist', published in England. This piece was inspired by our May article "Preparation For Sprint Events" by Gennadi Touretski.

Extensive Australian coverage is provided by Paul Quinlan, on the Qantas Skins Challenge, with its unique format, and the Australian Short Course Championships, where three world record were established.

International Editor Karin Helmstaedt reports on the most recent chapter of the German Trials where doctors and coaches responsible for the state-sponsored drug program received minor penalties. Another of her reports explains how two current German international class swimmers, who also happen to be medical students, suggest that drug use is widespread all over the world. For their efforts, the German Swimming Federation accused them of bringing the sport into disrepute.

On October 31, 'The Globe and Mail' published an extensive, two page article on the German Trials co-written by our very own Karin Helmstaedt. It tells the story of Birgit Meineke, a former world and European sprint champion (1981-84). This scandal will just not go away.

The special section of the 50-deep TAG times covers all long course competitions for the year (January to September). 18 and over performances can be found on our web site www.swimnews.com.

If you are a new subscriber we have copies for sale ($ 4.95 each) of previous issues for 1998, including extensive coverage of the World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and the respective national championships for Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

A word of thanks to all who helped this year-our writers, our advertisers- and Marco Chiesa who is not only our photo editor, and webmaster, but now also the Business Manager.

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