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Gemmell and Jaeger Take 1500 Berths

Jul 2, 2012

Andrew Gemmel won the last final of 2012 Trials, the 1500 freestyle his in 14:52.19: he was swam an even-pace race, in third on 7:59.43 at the 800m mark before moving into the lead at the 1300 and touching just ahead of Connor Jaeger, whose spent much of the race in third place but took the second Olympic berth in 14:52.51. 

The top two posted lifetime bests that left Gemmel at No4 in the world this season and Jaeger at No5.

Chad La Tourette was in the lead until the 1250m mark but the gruelling pace (7:55.39 at the 800) took a toll and he faded to third in 14:57.53 by the close.