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Biedermann Slips Under DSV Radar

Jun 29, 2012  - Craig Lord

Pity the German swim federation (DSV) today. There are mistakes (we all make them) and then there are mistakes of the kind we hope never to make. 

When the DSV posted online the ten women, 17 men and three open water swimmers for action at London 2012, it overlooked the biggest fish in its men's swim pool: no less than Paul Biedermann, world record holder over 200m and 400m freestyle.

Assuming Biedermann will indeed race in London this summer, we added him to the below:


  • Annika Bruhn (SV Bietigheim, 4x200 m freestyle)
  • Silke Lippok (SSG Pforzheim, 200m free, 4x100, 4x200 free)
  • Jenny Mensing (SC Wiesbaden 1911, 100 and 200m bacsk, 4x100 medley)
  • Theresa Michalak (SV Halle/Saale, 200IM, 4x200m free)
  • Sarah Poewe (SG Bayer Wuppertal/Uerdingen/Dormagen, 100m breaststroke)
  • Caroline Ruhnau (SG Essen, 100m breaststroke and 4x100 m medley), 
  • Daniela Schreiber (SV Halle/Saale, 100m free, 4x100 m free and 4x200 m free), 
  • Britta Steffen (SG Neukölln Berlin, 50m free, 100 m free, 4x100 m free and 4x100 m medley), 
  • Lisa Vitting (SG Essen, 4x100m free), 
  • Alexandra Wenk (SG Stadtwerke München, 4x100m medley).


  • Robin Backhaus (SG Neukölln Berlin, 4x200 m free), Paul Biedermann (SV Halle/Saale, 200 m free, 400 m free and 4x200 m free), 
  • Paul Biedermann (Halle, 200m, 400m freestyle, 4x100m, 4x200m freestyle)
  • Dimitri Colupaev (SSV andine 08 Mainz, 4x200 m free), 
  • Markus Deibler (Hamburger SC r.V. von 1879, 200m medley, 4x100m free), 
  • Steffen Deibler (Hamburger SC r.V. von 1879, 100m  and 4x100m medley), 
  • Marco Di Carli (SG Frankfurt/Main, 4x100 m free and 4x100 m medley), 
  • Hendrik Feldwehr (SG Essen, 100m breaststroke, 4x100m medley), 
  • Christoph Fildebrandt (SG Bayer Wuppertal/Uerdingen/Dormagen, 4x100m free), 
  • Jan-Philip Glania (SG Frankfurt/Main, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke and 4x100 m medley), 
  • Philip Heintz (SV Mannheim, 200m medley), 
  • Marco Koch (DSW 1912 Darmstadt, 100m breaststroke and 200m breaststroke), 
  • Yannick Lebherz (DSW 1912 Darmstadt, 400m medley and 200m backstroke),
  • Helge Meeuw (SC Magdeburg, 100m backstroke), 
  • Clemens Rapp (TSV Bad Saulgau, 200 m free and 4x200m free),
  • Benjamin Starke (SG Neukölln Berlin, 100m and 4x100m free),   
  • Christian vom Lehn (SG Bayer Wuppertal/Uerdingen/Dormagen, 200m breaststroke and 4x100m medley), 
  • Tim Wallburger (SG Neukölln Berlin, 4x200m free)

Open water


  • Angela Maurer (SSV andine 08 Mainz, 10 km), 


  • Thomas Lurz (SV Wüzburg 05, 10 km), 
  • Andreas Waschburger (SSG Saar Max Ritter, 10 km)