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US Coaches Rewarded On Learning Curve

Nov 11, 2011

Veteran and experienced US coaches are serving as mentors to the next generation of folk on the deck in a new National Team program run by USA Swimming.

National Youth Team coach Chad Onken recently spent a week with Dave Salo at USC/Trojan Swim Club. Onken not only came out with ideas passed on to him but some of his own, his suggestions for how the program might be even more effective in the pipeline. 

"We’re very excited about continuing to expand this program," said USA Swimming CEO Chuck Wielguss.

The federation also runs an Incentive & Reward Program for coaches, one that provides direct funding to coaches who have helped athletes to reach the podium on the biggest of occasions. Not only does the last coach in the line get rewarded but all those who have played a coaching role in the development of an athlete to world-class are recognised in the scheme.

In the past 10 years, more than $3 million has been awarded to coaches. This year, 19 coaches qualified for award grants, with the average payment at $17,400. 

The school of 2011:

  • Will Barker 
  • Chuck Batchelor 
  • Ray Benecki 
  • Mike Bottom 
  • Bob Bowman
  • Alex Braunfeld 
  • Carl Cederquist 
  • Ron Forrest 
  • Brett Hawke 
  • Sean Hutchison
  • Steve Lochte
  • Teri McKeever 
  • Ray Mitchell 
  • Dave Salo 
  • Todd Schmitz