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Magnini, Marine Life And Marin

Sep 7, 2011  - Craig Lord

News Round-Up:

Italy: Filippo Magnini will take on a dolphin in a race at Zoomarine, in Torvaianica, Pomezia, near Rome, tomorrow, in a display with Italy teammates Michele Santucci and Alessandro Terrin in the presence of their coach Claudio Rossetto. The headlines in Italy, meanwhile, are yet full of a tale that links Magnini to another tale of Marin(e) life: Luca. In interviews over the breakdown in his relationship with Federica Pellegrini, Marin reveals the moment when the Olympic 200m freestyle champion told him "it's over" - he went to congratulate her on victory in the 400m freestyle at world titles in Shanghai in July straight after the race - and she replied "'Luca, I do not love you anymore", according to Marin. The break-up stemmed back to late spring, the medley swimmer told one weekly magazine: "To tell the truth, this story began in Tenerife in May. At the time, everything was going smoothly between me and Federica. We were planning a family… we were living together in Verona in our nest, in live and harmony. But in Tenerife, where the Italian team gathered, something changed. One evening I noticed a strange look between her and Magnini. It raised a doubt in my mind. I responded jealousy but she reassured me." In Shanghai, the story blew up when a photographer caught a flirtatious moment between Pellegrini and Magnini.  "Shortly before leaving [for Shanghai] Federica asked me to keep it quiet," Marin told the magazine. He adds: "On the day when [Pellegrini] won the 400 freestyle, I rushed to her to talk to her and compliment her. We met in her room, but from her mouth came less than I expected - 'Luca, I do not love you anymore'. She spoke to me, asking me how to tell the media about our break, but I did not listen. The pain was too great." Marin confirmed that the flirtatious moment caught on camera between Pellegrini and Magnini (and denied by Magnini to the fiancee who has now left him), was real, said Marin: "The night they kissed, Federica and Filippo, in public at Cafe Rouge in Shanghai I was there. It was strange to feel how such a thing can change your body, your mind, in certain situations. Anger clouded my vision. Close friends dragged me away. I want Federica to be taken seriously. I wish her happiness. Magnini? No. He is interested in the media circus that surrounds Federica. Nothing else. And I will say no more than that …'. Tomorrow, the media circus puts Magnini up against a dolphin. The smart money is on the porpoise.

Brazil: Cesar Cielo, have been invited by Brazilian Presidente Dilma Rousseff to open ceremonies for Independence Day in the capital Brasilia today. Homage will be paid to Cielo for his recent brace of victories at the world championships (50m freestyle and butterfly) in Shanghai. Cielo racede to the titles at the centre of a storm over a positive test for a banned diuretic that landed him an official warning, a decision upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the face of a demand from FINA for a ban of three months to be imposed on the Olympic 50m freestyle champion. The decision was taken on the basis that arbitrators believed that there had been no intention to cheat and that cross-contamination of a caffeine supplement in a laboratory had been to blame.