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Another Rush Of Speed From Wuhan

Apr 6, 2011  - Craig Lord

The fourth day of China nationals in Wuhan produced one Asian, produced two women inside the best textile-suited time the world has ever seen, an Asian record and two other Chinese records. At a glance:

  • Wang Chengxiang (Shandong) 4:11.89 (Asian Record) 400m medley
  • Sun Yang (Zhejiang) 1:44.99 (China Record), 200m freestyle
  • Li Xuanxu (Hunan) 16:09.56 (China record) 1500m free 
  • Liu Zige (Shanghai) 2:04.40 (best ever in textile) 200m butterfly
  • Jiao Liuyang (Guangzhou Army) 2:04.44 (2nd best ever in textile) 200m butterfly.

Race round-up:

Women's 200m butterfly

Olympic champion and silver medallist of 2008, Liu Zige (Shanghai) and Jiao Liuyang (Guangzhou Army) finished in the establish order on 2:04.40 and 2:04.44 after Liu led the whole way until Jiao looked like taking gold in the closing metres and appeared to have taken the lead on the last stroke - until Liu did what Phelps did to Cavic in Beijing and delivered a killer finish, according to witnesses in Wuhan.

"Zige was in command the entire race, but tied up badly the last 25. Everyone  thought Liuyang had pulled it out at the end, but the replay showed Zige nailed her finish and Liuyang was caught on a long stroke," said one witness.

The bronze went to Gong jie (Guangzhou Army) in 2:07.14. The best textile time before today had been the former world record of Jessica Schipper (AUS), on 2:05.40.

Men's 200m freestyle

Sun Yang (Zhejiang) cracked 1:45 with a 2011 world-leading 1:44.99 China record inside the 1:45.47 French record set by Yannick Agnel. Some swim for a man spanning 200m to 1500m. The silver in Wuhan went to Li Yunqi (Henan), on 1:47.69, the bronze to Jiang Haiqi (Shanghai), on 1:47.90.

  • Sun's splits: 25.17; 26.71; 26.84; 26.27.

Sun breathes three strokes in a row off each turn, to both sides, his speed interrupted. He has room for improvement. 

Women's 1500m freestyle

Li Xuanxu (Hunan) set a national record of 16:09.56 ahead of Shao Yiwen (Zhejiang), 16.22.90, and Zhou Liya (Shanghai) 16.26.09.

Men's 400m medley

Wang Chengxiang (Shandong) clocked 4:11.89 seconds to break the Asian record. The silver went to Li Xiang (Tianjin) 4:14.59 and the bronze to Huang Chaosheng (Hunan) 4:14.71.

Men's 50m breaststroke

Qu Jingyu (Chinese Navy) took the crown on 27.95 ahead of Xie Zhi (Yunnan), 28.06, and Gu Biaorong (Guangdong), on 28.16.

Women's 50m backstroke

The title went to Gao Chang (Shandong) in 27.98 ahead of Xu Tian Longzi (Chinese Army), 28.22, and Yao Jianan (Guangzhou Army), 28.69.

Women's 4x100m medley relay

Shanghai clocked 4:02.76 ahead of Guangzhou Army, 4:03.98, and Chinese Army, 4:04.46.