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Alshammar On The Lessons Of Life

Mar 21, 2011  - Craig Lord

News Round-Up:

Singapore: in a chat with journalists when passing through Singapore, Swedish sprinter Therese Alshammar put a twist in the tale of Piaf when she said that while there were many things on her list of things that she could have done differently down the length of her 18-year international senior race career, she would actually change nothing. Through laughter, she told Yonyap: "I would change so many things that you won't have space [to publish them]." The European and World Short-course champion then added: "I don't think I would change anything if I could because everything I did has made me into the person I am today. If you're willing, you can learn from your biggest mistakes, so it has been a journey and it has been fun." There had been highs and lows but since accepting her first selection for Sweden, Alshammar had never wavered in her love of the sport: "I never thought of walking away - I have done other things, I have trained less and focused more on other parts of my life than the swimming part, but I never really thought I've had enough." She may well race on after London 2012 but is looking forward to the Olympic Games next year as a "scone-home" meet. "I lived in London for a number of years, so it's like my second home. I really, really like the city so it would be nice to have a little bit of 'homeground' advantage," said the swimmer who had "Diva" tattoed on her lower back to remind her  to work hard. She explained: "When I was a bit younger I was a bit of a diva, because I didn't train so hard and didn't put in the effort. I made the tattoo to remind me that my previous ways weren't so efficient and successful, and also as a tribute to women." During her stay in Singapore, Alshammar conducted a swim clinic for Australian International School students as a favour to a friend at Singapore's Southern Cross Dragons swimming club.

Japan: the Japanese swim federation has cancelled the national championships scheduled for April 5-10 in Tokyo in the wake of the Tsunami disaster. A meet at Hamamatsu on April 9 and 10 may now serve as trials for the world championships in Shanghai in July.