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Murky End To Troubled Waters

Oct 9, 2010  - Craig Lord

Britain does not compete at the Commonwealth Games but it asked for answers as to why the race pool turned a cloudy green before the final session of finals at a six-day meet marred by health issues, with swimmers falling over "left, right and centre" to coin a phrase used by one felled champ.

Britain's performance director Michael Scott raised the matter with organisers after watching the crystal blue waters turn murky in the race pool, in stark contrast to the blue of the diving pool at the Dr S.P Mukherjee Aquatics Complex.

Scott said: "I asked a question because when I got on to poolside it was clear the comparison between the water quality in the diving pool and the main competition pool was a significant difference.

"I feel I have a responsibility to my swimmers who have put in significant hours of training to make sure they have the best possible conditions.

"I asked the question. Obviously there is very little you can do an hour and a quarter before the meet. It was the same for every nation competing tonight but again I felt I had an obligation to the swimmers to at least ask the question, to make sure the officials are aware. It's not an ideal thing.

"I don't know what had happened. Technically I don't know whether they had backwashed or hadn't turned on the circulation system after the heats. I haven't had an answer."

Unlikely to get one either for the show has moved on. "The water was cloudy which means visibility for turns, it wasn't such that it was impossible yet it wasn't ideal. Would you expect a Formula One race track to have sub-standard conditions? I am obligated to ask the question. I got no answer. We had to move on, they were never going to stop the meet. They went to find pool management but the meet starts and you've got to work with your team."

England's bronze medallist in the 200m butterfly complained that she had not been able to see two metres ahead of her while warming up.