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Ex-USA Team Director Among Banned

May 26, 2010  - Craig Lord

The former director of Team USA, Everett Uchiyama, is among the 46 coaches who quit the sport under a cloud or were banned for life by USA Swimming for misconduct, mostly, but not all, for sex-related offenses, in the past 19 years. The federation released the names for the first time as part of its efforts to address concerns raised buy the sexual abuse scandal rocking the sport in the US.

According to USA Swimming, Uchiyama was banned on January 31, 2006. The list dates back to 1991, while 11 names have been added in the past 18 months.

The list in full can be found at USA Swimming's website. The list, with explanation of the category of related offense attached, can be read at the foot of this article.

Uchiyama resigned without explanation in January 2006 after four years in the role, two of those as the official incumbent. He was on the deck at the helm in Athens 2004.

Uchiyama was banned for violating a section in the federation's code of conduct that forbids "any sexual conduct, advance or other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior or action directed towards an athlete by a coach." The provision also prohibits "any nonconsensual physical sexual conduct, or pattern of unwelcome advances or other sexual harassment in connection with or incidental to a USA Swimming-related activity."

The federation has instructed staff not to comment on the list. No details of the complaints that led to bans have been provided by the federation.

Of the 46 names released by the organisation, the breakdown of offenses is:

  • 36 sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual behavior
  • 2 fraud, deception or dishonesty
  • 2 unspecified felonies; 
  • 1 illegal drugs or substances. 
  • No offense was listed in five cases, some because there was no code in place when whatever happened happened.

This month, USA Swimming's board approved four steps to deal with the sexual abuse scandal. Those steps included publication of the list of suspensions.

In March this year, 1972 Olympic relay champion Deena Deardurff Schmidt said that she had been molested by her coach in the 1960s and that that man went on to coach many young swimmers and is inducted in the International Hall of Fame. The trouble with her case is that she has refused to name the man. Two of her coaches, both well known in the swimming world, have been inducted in the Hall of Fame, and both coached in Canada as well as the US. For one of those men, the accusations are potentially deeply damaging until the truth emerges.

Deardruff was the head coach of San Diego State University's swimming and diving program until she was dismissed in 2007. Her team had finished last in a regional championships for five of the previous seven years. Deardruff, a breast cancer survivor, sued the school in 2007 and was awarded $1.45 million in settlement.

The list of USA Swimming Suspensions:

  • Keith Anderson; Tennessee; Feb. 10, 2006; Sexual misconduct
  • Charles Arabas; Arizona; Feb. 18, 2003; Sexual misconduct
  • Bryan Artel, Illinois, Sept. 29, 2005; Illegal drugs or substances
  • Aaron Bartleson; Colorado; April 22, 2009; Not listed
  • Steven Bowman, Wisconsin; Oct. 10, 2007; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Thomas Burt; Ohio; Oct. 9, 2008; Felony
  • Robert Caragol; Florida; Feb. 13, 2009; Sexual misconduct
  • Kevin Chapman; Ohio; July 16, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Simon Chocron; Florida; Oct. 8, 2001; Sexual misconduct
  • Ross Clay; Massachusetts; April 2, 2010; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Joshua Delcore; Illinois; June 11, 2001; Sexual misconduct
  • Lincoln Djang; New Mexico; Jan. 7, 2000; Sexual misconduct
  • Alvin Drury; California; Nov. 8, 2002; Sexual misconduct
  • Michael Ferguson; Connecticut; Aug. 22, 2003; Sexual misconduct
  • Rogello Gallardo; California; Oct. 31, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Bernard Gynan; Virginia; Jan. 28, 2003; Sexual misconduct
  • Darek Hahn; California; Dec. 5, 1991; Not listed
  • Brian Hindson; Indiana; April 4, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Craig Ivancic; Kansas; Nov. 28, 2004; Sexual misconduct
  • Matthew Jefferis; Pennsylvania; Aug. 30, 2002; Sexual misconduct
  • Timothy Kelly; Massachusetts; Oct. 17, 2009; Sexual misconduct
  • Jeremy Kemeny; South Carolina; Feb. 10, 2003; Sexual misconduct
  • Andrew King; California; July 23, 2009; Sexual misconduct
  • Donald King; Oregon; May 11, 2009; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Jason Michael Lear; Florida; Jan. 15, 2010; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Jason Lytle; California; March 31, 2004; Sexual misconduct
  • David Margheim; South Dakota; Dec. 12, 2007; Fraud, deception or dishonesty
  • Donald McHugh; Illinois; Oct. 12, 2004; Sexual misconduct
  • Diana Molker; Kentucky; Feb. 6, 2008; Fraud, deception or dishonesty
  • Douglas Northway; Arizona; July 22, 1998; Not listed
  • James Pooler; Arizona; Aug. 20, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Michael Pridemore; South Carolina; April 23, 2004; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Alan Rogers; Wisconsin; July 1, 2005; Sexual misconduct
  • William Roggenbihl; California; July 11, 2000; Sexual misconduct
  • William Scandalis; California; Nov. 17, 1999; Sexual misconduct
  • Robert Scheiring; North Dakota; July 23, 2009; Sexual misconduct
  • John Schwerzler; New Jersey; Dec. 1, 2004; Sexual misconduct
  • Jesse Stovall; California; Oct. 15, 2009; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • William Tinsley; Florida; July 21, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Everett Uchiyama; California; Jan. 31, 2006; Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Jeffrey Vernace; Missouri; April 11, 2005; Sexual misconduct
  • Christopher Wheat; Indiana; Dec. 8, 2009; Sexual misconduct
  • Brian Williams; California; Feb. 19, 2009; Not listed
  • Jeffrey Woodyard; Virginia; Sept. 22, 2008; Sexual misconduct
  • Scott Woolsey; Vermont; July 22, 1998; Not listed
  • Michael Wullschleger; North Carolina; Oct. 22, 2008; Felony