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News Round-Up: Times Of Transition

Mar 16, 2010  - Craig Lord

Switzerland: François Willen, former national coach to Switzerland, has told his national media that Swiss charges need to get back to hard work if they are to prove themselves as swimmers in post-poly times. In the wake of a national championships at which not a single national record fell (surprise, surprise) - and just two swimmers qualified for the European Championships in Budapest in August - Willen said: "Many rested on their [2009] laurels. Today the pendulum has swung, time to get back to some hard work. This electric shock will have an effect, half a generation will be sacrificed." Coach at Lancy Natation, Benjamin Paris notes another problem for his nation: "Some swimmers Cthink of Switzerland as being too small to make an impact at the elite end of the sport. The Jaked generation, raised in times of ease [buoyed performances], adds to the complex nature of the situation."

Spain: In an interview with L'Equipe, Rafa Munoz, the world record holder over 50m 'fly in a 100% poly suit in 2009, describes the difficult transition to textile thus: "You have to work harder than before, on strength, for example. Before, if you were a bit round [physiologically], the suits buoyed you. So some people ate and ate..." No longer. Munoz, making his way back to full fitness, put on 12kg during a post-Rome break. Much work ahead.

France: In a quick fire interview with L'Est Républicain, Olympic medal winner and breaststroke ace Hugues Duboscq says he is faring well with the transition back to textile. In the wake of clocking times of 28.13 and 1:01.21 over 50m and 100m breaststroke last week, he said: "I am really satisfied. I didn't expect to be as fast just yet, especially in the 50m. So far, the transition from bodysuit to 'shorty' is going rather well for me." In preparation for the French nationals next month, Duboscq will race at the Normandy meet at the end of the month, over 50m 'fly, 100m breaststroke and 200m medley.