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Duel Day 2: The Line-Up

Dec 19, 2009  - Craig Lord

Another hard day in store for the E-Stars at the Duel in the Pool in Manchester, though much fun will doubtless be had as it was yesterday. On paper, absolutely no chance of the visitors losing the meet unless, perhaps, the Americans swim in santa outfits with sleigh bells in tow. Some terrific races in tow, three more chances for the crowds to watch the greatest Olympian of all-time.

The Duel Line-Up:

Day 2:

  • 800m Free 
  • E-Stars: Carlin; Adlington, Payne
  • USA: McDermott
  • 800m Free
  • E-Stars: Davies; Colbertaldo 
  • USA: La Tourette; Klueh
  • 200m free 
  • E-Stars: McClatchey, Halsall
  • USA: Knutson, Vollmer, Schmitt
  • 200m free 
  • E-Stars: Renwick, Magnini, Starke
  • USA: Adrian, Phelps, Vanderkaay
  • 100m backstroke
  • E-Stars: Spofforth, Simmonds
  • USA: McGregory, Pelton, Hoelzer
  • 100m backstroke
  • E-Stars: Walker-Hebborn, Tancock
  • USA: Grevers, Peirsol, Thoman
  • 100m breaststroke
  • E-Stars: Boggiatto, Ruhnau, Scarcella
  • USA: Freeman, Hardy, Soni
  • 100m breaststroke
  • E-Stars: Feldwehr, Scozzoli, Koch
  • USA: Swander, Gangloff, Alexandrov
  • 200m butterfly
  • E-Stars: Mehlhorn, Segat, Giachetti
  • USA: Beisel, Mohler, Vollmer
  • 200m butterfly
  • E-Stars: Natullo, Rock
  • USA: McGill, Phelps, Clary
  • 50m free
  • E-Stars: Schreiber, Halsall
  • USA: Weir, Hardy, Magnuson
  • 50m free
  • E-Stars: Orsi, Magnini
  • USA: Adrian, Grevers, Weber-Gale
  • 200m medley
  • E-Stars: Segat, Miley, Simmonds
  • USA: Hoff, Smit, Kukors
  • 200m medley
  • E-Stars: Scozzoli, Goddard, Haffield
  • USA: Clary, Vanderkaay, Brown
  • 4x50m free
  • E-Stars: Halsall, Schreiber, McClatchey, Samulski
  • USA: Vollmer, Weir, Magnuson, Hardy
  • 4x50m free 
  • E-Stars: Magnini, Orsi, Tancock, Galenda
  • USA: Adrian, Weber-Gale, Phelps, Grevers