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Biedermann To Blast In His Bodysuit

Nov 13, 2009  - Craig Lord

Paul Biedermann will race in Berlin at the world cup - and will don an arena X-glide bodysuit in the 200m and 400m freestyle, rendering any so-called  'showdown' with Michael Phelps anything but. Biedermann set world records in his bodysuit over 200m and 400m free in Rome at the world championships back in July. He won the 200m free ahead of Phelps.

In Berlin, Phelps will wear a textile jammer - so, no contest. Biedermann's participation had been in doubt because he tore a muscle in his upper leg while running. Mark Warneke, former world champion breaststroke swimmer and now German team doctor, explained that Biedermann's leg muscles filled with blood after the accident and emergency treatment was required. 

Warneke said that such tears needed careful monitoring because there was always a risk that the tear could widen if not contained and handled carefully. But Biedermann's rip is in a part of the leg that would have been critical for a runner of a breaststroke swimmer but not for a freestyle specialist (particularly one with a compress suit around the muscle, perhaps). Treatment had gone well and Warneke believed that Biedermann was well enough to race.

Dirk Lange, head German coach, said that all German swimmers would wear bodysuits until January 1.

Biedermann said: "I'll race in my usual arena X-glide and from January will be in Jammers."