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Back To Keeping Up With The Joneses

Sep 10, 2009  - Craig Lord

Leisel Jones, of Australia, was on a second-career winner from the moment that FINA decided to ban bodysuits and non-textiles from January 1: she set her world breaststroke records in textile suits with leggings down to the knee and after a fallow (but hardly slow) season so far in 2009 is hungry to get her standards back. 
It will not be easy, she told the Straits Times in an interview to promote the Singapore round of the world cup (Nov 21-22), at which she will race on a tour of five cities.
"I have probably picked the best year to be away from the sport, because to be caught up in all that controversy would have been very difficult," said Jones. "Some of the records have ludicrous times ... and they're out of reach for a lot of people if we go back to very basic suits."
 If anyone is ready for the future it is surely Jones as she enters a season in which the Commonwealth Games is her biggest target this side of the next world gathering, the global short-course championships in Dubai in December 2010.

"If they go back to basic suits, that would really suit me because all my times were done in fast-skin ones," said Jones. "I hope that it does go back to a level playing field, and that it is not about technology any more. It's back to swimmers racing against swimmers and not about suits."