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Canadian Olympic Team On Tour

May 9, 2012

After Olympic Trials in Montreal, the 31 swimmers selected to race for Canada at the Olympic Games in London will warm-up on a race tour that takes in the US Grand Prix series and the Mare Nostrum meets in Europe.

The tour highlights:

  • May 10-13 - US Grand Prix, Charlotte (Ford) 
  • May 25-27 - Canada Cup, Mel Zajac JR Intl., Vancouver (Hayden, Dickens, McCabe, King, H. Maclean, van Beilen, Gossland, Morningstar, Reason, Tyler)
  • May 31-June 3 - US Grand Prix, Santa Clara (Cochrane, Wilkinson, Komarnycky, Caldwell, Worsley, Page, Horner, King, Bartoch, Hortness, C. Russell)
  • Mare Nostrum: June 2-3 Barcelona; June 6-7 Canet; June 9-10 Monte Carlo (Hayden, Gossland, Lacroix, Jardin, Poon, Francis, Cheverton, Oriwol, S. Russell, B. Maclean, Savard, Sharp)
  • June 9-10 - Olympic Marathon Qualifier, Setubal, POR (Weinberger, Desharnais, Balazs, Williams)

The tour finale: July 5-8 Canada Cup, Montreal (whole team)

The Canadian team, with coaches and staff, will leave for staging camp in Italy on July 9 and move in to London on the 24th, the arrival date of choice of many of the leading teams heading to the Games.