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No Charges But Trembley Gone For Good

May 7, 2012

John Trembley, the US swim coach who lost his job at the University of Tennessee in January, will not be charged over the reason why he had to go but the details of his case have now been widely reported in the American media. 

Trembley led a double life, swapping naked photos with prospective sex partners, advertising on Craigslist from his university computer and engaging in behaviour which police revealed that the coach put down to depression and drug abuse. 

"For the past several years, I have been treated for depression," Trembley wrote in a statement issued by his lawyer, Donald Bosch. "More recently I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction to fantasy communications with others through the Internet. ... I continue to seek and receive treatment and have been substance- and destructive behavior-free for 2012. ... I deeply regret any harm leveled on anyone. ... It is a beautiful day and it is great to be alive."

The university dismissed Trembley, 59, on January 3, the only explanation "gross misconduct." SwimNews reported US media speculation that the issue might have been related to financial matters. 

The reality was far more disturbing, the details of the case inappropriate for some of our readers. Trembley did not exercise his right to appeal his dismissal.