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Jukic Refuses Anti-Doping Test

May 27, 2011  - Craig Lord

Austria's Dinko Jukic refused a drug test on Tuesday this week, on the basis that he was unhappy with prevailing hygiene standards, according to agency reports. The Austrian swimming federation confirmed the refusal, which may count against Jukic under FINA's three-strikes-and-you're-out rules.

The 22-year-old European s/c champion was expected by NADA agents to make himself available at 4pm at the start of afternoon training. However, after a 45-minute discussion with testers in which the swimmer expressed concern over prevailing conditions, no test took place. Jukic returned to the water and later stated that he believed that the testers would wait for him to finish training. 

However, the testers left the venue in Vienna 15 minutes before the end of the session and a "refusal" was expected to be registered. Austrian federation secretary general Thomas Gangel told a news agency that a presumption of innocence counted in Jukic's favour and he expected the situation to "to be cleared up".

NADA would make no comment beyond confirmation that if there is something to report, that information would be made public according to standard protocol in such cases under anti-doping rules.