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Canada Selects 32 For Shanghai

Apr 3, 2011

Erica Morningstar and Sinead Russell set Canadian records and Brent Hayden clocked 22.37 to win the freestyle dash on the last day of Canadian nationals that camera to an end in Victoria with a team o 32 selected for the world championships. In the 200m medley Morningstar won a battle with Julia Wilkinson, 2:11.23 to 2:12.89; in the 200m backstroke Russell clocked 2:08.89.

Morningstar lowered the previous national mark of 2:11.32 set by Wilkinson last summer.  "I was a little unsure of myself the first few days of this meet," said Morningstar. "My prelims went well this morning and I gained some confidence for the final. I knew with Julia it would be a close race because she is so strong in this event."

In the women’s 200 backstroke, Russell took down the the previous national mark of 2:10.03 set by Lauren Lavigna of Vancouver in 2009. The silver went to Geneviève Cantin, in 2:10.36 and also inside the cut for Shanghai.

"I was really glad to do well," said Russell. "The last couple of times I swam this event I messed it up. It will really help me leading into the summer and give me even more motivation in training to swim even faster."

After his dash victory, Hayden said: "That was my fastest time for the 50 free this early in the season. It’s definitely going to make my 100 freestyle stronger and also make me more confident to make the final in the 50 at the worlds."

Last day results at a glance

  • Men
  • 50 freestyle: 1. Brent Hayden, Vancouver, 22.37; 2. Luke Peddie, Edmonton, 23.09; 3. Kyle Troskot, Lethbridge, Alta., 23.12.
  • 200 backstroke: 1. Matt Hawes, Ottawa, 1:58.89; 2. Tobias Oriwol, Toronto, 1:58.90; 3. Matthew Swanston, Newmarket, Ont., 2:01.18.
  • 200 IM: 1. Andrew Ford, Guelph, Ont., 2:01.27; 2. Tim Ruse, Pointe-Claire, Que., 2:04.97; 3. Matt Kwatyra, London, Ont., 2:05.23.
  • 1,500 freestyle : 1. Ryan Cochrane, Victoria, 15 :16.01; 2. Kier Maitland, Edmonton, 15:32.27; 3. Sean Penhale, Victoria, 15:36.94.
  • 4x100 medley relay: 1. Toronto Swim Club, 3:45.84; 2. University of Calgary, 3:47.45; 3. Etobicoke Swimming, 3:50.17.
  • Women
  • 50 freestyle: 1. Victoria Poon, Montreal, 25.35; 2. Chantal VanLandeghem, Winnipeg, 25.43; 3. Marie-Pier Ratelle, Trois-Rivieres, Que., 25.55.
  • 200 backstroke: 1. Sinead Russell, Oakville, Ont., 2:08.89 (Canadian record); 2. Geneviève Cantin, Quebec City, 2:10.36; 3. Dominique Bouchard, North Bay, Ont., 2:10.39.
  • 200 IM: 1. Erica Morninstar, Calgary, 2:11.23 (Canadian record); 2. Julia Wilkinson, Victoria, 2:12.89; 3. Alexa Komarnycky, Victoria, 2:14.84.
  • 800 freestyle: 1. Savannah King, Vancouver, 8:39.14; 2. Zsofi Balazs, Toronto, 8:41.99; 3. Tanya Hunks, Vancouver, 8:45.87.
  • 4x100 medley relay: 1. UBC, 4:05.89 (Canadian record); 2. Island Swimming, Victoria, 4:10.33; 3. Etobicoke Swimming, 4:11.41.

Team Canada for Shanghai world titles:

Men (13): Ryan Cochrane, Victoria; Mike Brown, Calgary; Stefan Hirniak, Victoria; Brent Hayden, Vancouver; Colin Russell, Oakville, Ont.; Dominique Massie-Martel, Pointe-Claire, Que.; Scott Dickens, Vancouver; Andrew Ford, Guelph, Ont.; Tobias Oriwol, Toronto; Joe Bartoch, London, Ont.; Chad Bobrosky, Calgary; Blake Worsley, Victoria, Matt Hawes, Ottawa.

Women (19): Samantha Cheverton, Pointe-Claire, Que.; Barbara Jardin, Montreal; Annamay Pierse, Vancouver; Martha McCabe, Vancouver; Audrey Lacroix, Montreal; Katerine Savard, Quebec City; Julia Wilkinson, Victoria; Victoria Poon, Montreal; Chantal VanLandeghem, Winnipeg; Brittany MacLean, Etobicoke, Ont.; Geneviève Saumur, Montreal; Jillian Tyler Calgary; Tianna Rissling, Medicine Hat, Alta.; Alexandra Komarnycky, Victoria; Stephanie Horner, Victoria; Sinead Russell, Oakville, Ont.; Geneviève Cantin, Quebec City; Erica Morningstar, Calgary; Savannah King, Vancouver.