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Round-up: Foster Wants Stolen Medals Back

Dec 10, 2010  - Craig Lord

Britain: Mark Foster, one-time king of world short-course sprint, has appealed for the return of medals stoled from his car in North London. Now 40, Foster Tweeted: "Urgent plea. Got Olympic rucksack stolen. It contained my first '86 and last '08 international medals!" He later added: "Stolen from car in North London. Medals have name on. Also a world gold and silver in there from 2004!" Of little value to anyone such things - but of immense value to the man who won them wearing his national colours. Let's hope the thieves see sense and the medals make their way back to Foster.

Nationality rules: FINA today announced (as predicted by SwimNews at the time it happened, given the clarity of the rule) the following - Ben Hockin, who swam for Great Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympics as part of the 400 free relay, has been banned for a year from the sport by FINA due to an improper change of nationality. Hockin, whose father is British and mother is Paraguayan, swam for Paraguay a the 2010 South American Games and won three silvers and a bronze, did not follow the proper steps to switch his sport nationality according to FINA. His suspension is retroactive to May 23, 2010. Both federations involved also were fined for taking part in the technical transgression. The Federacion Paraguaya de Natacion drew a $1,500 fine, while British Swimming Ltd. wound up with a $500 fine.

France: TYR Sport, Inc. has renewed its agreement as official sponsor to the French Swimming Federation (FFN) for four aquatic sports through to a 10th anniversary of the deal in 2012. France, Europe's leading swimming nation in 2010, won eight golds among a record 23 medals at the European Championships in Budapest last August.  "I am thrilled to have TYR continue its alliance with our national team,” said Francis Luyce, president of the FFN and former international in the race pool. "In our time together, the FFN has developed and transformed into one of the best contingents in the world.  TYR has always been recognized in Europe for its expertise in technology and we’re looking forward to their support for many years to come." The French Federation boasts a nationwide team registration of more than 295,000 participants with more than 1,300 affiliated clubs.