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FINA Approves Body Suit & Coaches Commission

Oct 10, 1999

The FINA Bureau is currently meeting in Kuwait City, Kuwait. In a statment release today they made several decisions regarding the "full body" swimsuits and the approval of the establishment of a FINA Coaches Commission.

FINA has ruled that the use of the "full body" swimsuits does not constitute a violation of the Rules.
Official Statement:
With the aim to obtain direct and full information of the "full body" swimsuits, the FINA Bureau invited sporting goods companies "Adidas" and "Speedo" to present a report on their research, design and other aspects. The FINA Bureau ruled that the use of these swimsuits does not constitute a violation of the FINA Rules. The Bureau leaves up to the swimmers the choice of their swimsuits.

The statement regarding the FINA Coaches Commission is as follows:
Official Statement:
The Bureau approved the establishment of the FINA Coaches Commission. The nomination of Members will be made in collaboration with the National Federations.