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Germany Selects 21 For Rome

Jun 29, 2009  - Craig Lord

Germany has selected a team of just 21 for the world championships, in keeping with its work to turn around a nation that once led Europe but has struggled of late, particularly on the biggest of occasions.

"Our aim in Rome is to win four medals in swimming," said performance director Lutz Buschkow. He cited Britta Steffen, Daniela Samulski, Paul Biedermann  and several newcomers, including fast-suit bloomers Marco Koch, Benjamin Starke, Hendrik Feldwehr and Johannes Neumann as those ready to lead the charge.

Medley relays will feature both male and female quartets from Germany, while the men will race only 4x200m and the men 4x200m. The nation that held the world record over 4x200m in 2006 is not capable at the moment of putting together a competitive quartet among women.

Tough standards were being set in order "to send a message to our youth" that they have to step up and aim higher if they wish to make the grade for London 2012, said head coach Dirk Lange. SwimNes will bring you an interview with Lange in the near future.

The Germany team for Rome:

Women (9) 

  • Britta Steffen (Berlin) 
  • Daniela Samulski (Essen) 
  • Kerstin Vogel (Köln) 
  • Sarah Poewe (Wuppertal) 
  • Caroline Ruhnau (Essen) 
  • Daniela Schreiber (Halle/S.) 
  • Petra Dallmann (Heidelberg) 
  • Isabelle Härle (Heidelberg) 
  • Annika Mehlhorn (Baunatal)  

Men (13) 

  • Paul Biedermann (Halle/S.) 
  • Helge Meeuw (Frankrurt)  
  • Thomas Rupprath (Rostock) 
  • Hendrik Feldwehr (Essen) 
  • Johannes Neumann (Riesa) 
  • Johannes Dietrich (Wiesbaden) 
  • Jan Wolfgarten (Würzburg) 
  • Felix Wolf (Potsdam)  
  • Marco Koch (Darmstadt)  
  • Clemens Rapp (Bad Saulgau) 
  • Steffen Deibler (Hamburg)  
  • Benjamin Starke (Berlin) 
  • Yannick Lebherz (Darmstadt)