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LEN Overrules FINA Suit Approvals For Juniors

Jun 24, 2009  - Craig Lord

Bravo LEN, the European Swimming League, a body that has seen fit to ignore the latest capitulation of FINA to some suit makers. The European junior championships in Prague next month will not allow the Jaked01, the X-Glide, the Aquaforce Zero or any other suits that was not approved by FINA on May 19. 

Here is the news as sent to federations and those connected to to LEN:

Follow-up: Use of Swimwear at LEN European Junior Swimming Championships - Prague (CZE), 8-12 July 2009 

Dear Friends,

With the Circular Letter of 1st June 2009 LEN informed about the procedure for the use of swimsuits at the LEN European Junior Swimming Championships to be held in Prague (CZE) from 8 to 12 July 2009.

Even though FINA has now published an additional list of approved swimsuits, LEN will maintain the FINA List from 19 May 2009 (revised 25 May 2009). The reason for maintaining the list from 19 May 2009 is that we cannot expect that all swimsuits that have just been approved this week will be available for all athletes in Prague (CZE). 

It is LEN’s aim to keep the Championships as fair as possible for all competitors. We ask for your kind co-operation in this matter.

With kind regards,

Søren Korbo, Chairman LEN TSC [and FINA suits approval committee]