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Veldhuis Breakthrough: 2 WRs 50m Free & 'Fly

Apr 19, 2009  - Craig Lord

She almost made it in the 100m 'fly and then was not far shy in the 100m freestyle but today at the Amsterdam Cup Marleen Veldhuis cracked her first two solo world long-course records in one session. After her first world l/c record - a 24.09 50 free last year, numbers 2 and 3 of her career unfolded thus: in 25.33 she shaved 0.13sec off the global mark that had stood to Therese Alshammar (SWE) since June 2007;  she then returned to the water to shave 0.01sec off Libby Trickett's 50m free world record with a 23.96 blast.

The Dutch 'fly record had stood to Veldhuis at 25.62 since February - so the writing was on the wall. Alshammar, having been plagued by Inge de Bruijn some years back now faces another Dutch barricade.

Behind Veldhuis, on 26.00, was Hinkelien Schreuder, training partner at Eiffel Swimmers PSV with coach Jacco Verhaeren, mentor to Pieter van den Hoogenband.

On freestyle the new all-time top 5 looks like this:

  • 23.96 Veldhuis NED (previous best 24.09)
  • 23.97 Trickett AUS
  • 24.06 Steffen GER (previous European record)
  • 24.07 Torres USA
  • 24.13 Campbell AUS

Some good work going on in Eindhoven, and not only at the sprint end of things. Here's a battle that must have had them on the edge of their seats at the Sloterparkbad: All top three finishers train together at PSV: 1, Tom Vangeneugden 15:12.08, BEL (pool record); 2, Job Kienhuis, 15:12.12 (Dutch national record); 3, Arjen van der Meulen, 15:12.16. 

 In the 100m free Stefan Nystrand (SWE) got the touch in 48.78, a pool record ahead of Fernando Silva (BRA), on 48.83, and Sebastiaan Verschuren (E.ON-NZA) on 48.91. The women's 400m free went to Sharon van Rouwendaal (CN Braud St-Louis) in a Dutch 16 age group record of 4:12.69.

Not entirely sure what this was about: Lennart Stekelenburg finished second in the 100m breaststroke final in 1:01.90, behind Robin van Aggele, on 1:01.48. But, at 12.45 earlier in the day, he swam a "timed final" and cracked out a 59.50 stunner, a Dutch national record.

Not sure if he was testing out a specific super suit or something else lay behind that effort, or may be they halved the pool for his timed swim to give him a short-course blast out. In the belief that the pool was left at 50m long, all we can say is that Stekelenburg, aged 23 this year, has made a very big leap indeed:

In December at the Eindhoven meet he clocked a lifetime best of 1:00.56. His best a year earlier was 1:01.91 and before that a 1:02.43 from 2005 before plateau-ing on 1:02.55 in 2006. Odd (though I'm sure someone will let us know what that time trial was about). But then we are living in strange times. 

Strange as in: up from 27th all-time to fifth bests ever ... the new all-time top 10:

  • 58.91 Kitajima JPN
  • 59.13 Hansen USA - the only pre-February 2008 entry in the 10
  • 59.16 Dale Oen NOR
  • 59.37 Duboscq FRA
  • 59.50 Stekelenburg NED April 2009
  • 59.65 Rickard AUS
  • 59.80 Tateishi JPN April 2009
  • 59.87 Sludnov RUS
  • 59.88 Cook GBR
  • 59.90 Suenaga JPN April 2009
  • and 11th for now:
  • 59.96 Van der Burgh RSA

The women's 200m breaststroke produced a win for Sweden's Joline Höstman, in 2:24.85.

Zwemroniek has the full results.