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More Medals But No Times At All-Africa Games

Jul 16, 2007  - Craig Lord

Here are what I think are the medal winners of tonight's action at the All-Africa Games in Algiers (but don't rely too heavily on it). You can either fill in the white spaces where the times ought to go or wait until organiser get their act together (they still hadn't the following morning so at the foot of this article, you can read the results as reported by the Xinhua news agency in China ...).

800m freestyle
1 Troyden Prinsloo (RSA)
2 Riaan Schoeman (RSA)
3 Mahamed Gadallah (EGY)
50m backstroke
1 Johannes Zanberg (RSA)
2 Ahmed Hussein (EGY)
3 Jason Dunford (KEN)
200m breaststroke
1 Daid Sofiane (ALG)
2 William Deiring (RSA)
3 Cameron van der Burgh (RSA)
4x100m freestyle
1 Louw; Basson; Harris; Zandberg (RSA)
2 Algeria
3 Egypt
50m backstroke:
1 Kirsty Coventry (ZIM)
2 Canelle Van Wyk (RSA)
3 Jessica Pengelly (RSA)
100m breaststroke
1 Suzaan Van Biljon (RSA)
2 Kirsty Coventry (ZIM)
3 Meriem Lamri (ALG)
100m butterfly:
1, Amanda Loots (RSA)
2 Heather Brand (ZIM)
3 Grace Lendra (ZAM)
When organisers can be bothered to correct the appalling results pages of their official website, I might be moved to bring you the times - currently a mix of the non-existent and the blatantly incorrect.

The ever-lovely Kirsty Coventry has praised organisers for the show being put on but from a distance, dear Kirsty, I'm bound to say that the whole affair looks like an event in need of outside help - not a good image for Africa and the great strides being made in sport there, including some heartening gains in the pool.

Organisers cannot be blamed for the wind, of course, but here's a taste of how the All Africa news organisation reported a gusty affair from Algeria:

Strong wind from the Mediterranean has become a nuisance to the swimming competition of the All-Africa Games.

Written materials were blown into the swimming pool ... the competition manager had to ask a swimmer to fish out the timetable material out of the pool ... one journalist managed to get the soaked material out by himself (interesting that he should get so close to the action). Advertisement boards placed beside the pool were also battered by the wind and staggered (sic) to the ground repeatedly.

A more dramatic moment came seconds after Friday's awarding ceremony of the women's 200m freestyle when strong wind almost brought down the pole on which a medallist's national flag hung. A (member of) staff was quick enough to catch the pole at the critical moment.

And here they are, courtesy of Xinhua.

Women's 50m backstroke
1. Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe, 28.89 seconds
2. Chanelle Van Wyk, South Africa, 30.35
3. Jessica Pengelly, South Africa, 30.90
Women's 100m butterfly
1. Amanda Loots, South Africa, 1:00.09 seconds
2. Heather Brand, Zimbabwe, 1:00.61
3. Ellen Hight, Zambia, 1:03.38
Women's 100m breaststroke
1. Suzaan Van Biljon, South Africa, 1:09.74 seconds
2. Kirstry Coventry, Zimbabwe, 1:11.86
3. Meriem Lamri, Algeria, 1:12.39
Men's 50m backstroke:
1. Johannes Zandberg, South Africa, 25.68 seconds
2. Ahmed Hussin, Egypt, 26.13
3. Jason Dunford, Kenya, 26.31
Men's 200m breaststroke
1. Sofiane Daid, Algeria, 2:14.27 seconds
2. William Dering, South Africa, 2:14.32
3. Malick Fall, Senegal, 2:22.10
Men's 800m freestyle
1. Troyden Prinsloo, 8:02.84 seconds
2. Riaan Schoeman, South Africa, 8:11.23
3. Mohamed Gadallah, Egypt, 8:16.10