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Herasimenia World Record Not Ratified

Feb 23, 2007  - Craig Lord

The equalled world record over 50m backstroke clocked last June by Aleksandr Herasimenia, the Belarus backstroker back from a doping suspension, has not been ratified.

Herasimenia clocked 28.19sec in Minsk last June, to equal the record held by Janine Pietsch of Germany.

However, a FINA spokesperson confirmed that there had been no submission from the Belarus federation, adding: "That the swim happened is not in doubt but maybe there was no anti-doping test carried out after the swim in accordance with FINA rules. It is up to Beloruss to confirm the details of this and make the application for ratification."

Herasimenia had another dubious moment in Minsk back in 2003: she tested positive for norandrosterone and Noretiocholanolone, metabolites of nandrolone, in out-of-competition testing on March 26 and subsequently served a two-year suspension from the sport.

She will compete at the world championships in Melbourne next month.