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Alexander The Great Marries

Mar 26, 1997  - Paul Quinlan

In a quiet ceremony in Canbera on Wednesday 26 March Alex Popov the two time double Olympic Gold Medal in the freestyle sprints married his girl friend of two years, Daria Shmeloyova.

The ceremony in Canberra will be followed at a later date by a formal wedding with the families and friends of the bride and groom in Russia. Alexandre and Daria swam together on their national swimming team for five years. However, they have been close friends for more than two years, Daria joining her boyfriend in Canberra last November following the dramatic stabbing incident of the star swimmer on a Moscow street. The new bride retired from swimming following her appearance as a finalist in the individual medley at the Atlanta Games.

Popov having recovered from the knife wounds without any lasting damage has settled well into his preparation for the European Championships in August and the 1998 World Championships in Perth. The couple were accompanied at the ceremony by Australian Olympic swimmers Matthew Dunn and Michael Klim in addition to Alex