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2004 Canadian Olympic Trials - Day Four

Jul 9, 2004  - Nikki Dryden

Toronto - The program order, with the men's 200 back and 200 IM, on the same night, forced scratches and possibly slower swims. However, the men continued to outshine the women; adding yet more swimmers to the Olympic team.

Men's 200 IM
With Brian Johns (UBCD) pre-qualified from last summer, there was only one spot open for either Keith Beavers (ROW) or Tobias Oriwol (ESWIM). Beavers also had to defend his 200 back spot later in the night, but Oriwol who is one of the top 200 backstrokers, scratched from the back to focus on the IM. Unfortunately the result didn't go their way. Johns was out to redeem his lackluster performance in the 400IM so he took it out strong, finishing in 2:01.56, while Beavers and Oriwol battled it out for second. Despite a push from Oriwol on the last 50, Beavers was able to hold on for the silver with a 2:02.31 to Oriwol's 2:02.37, but both were off the standard. "I am happier now than I was a few days ago," said Johns. "Now I will continue to progress forward to the Games. My goal has been to win a gold in Athens. I'm still in the there, but I am a bit hidden in the bushes, which is good because the people in Athens won't know what's coming."

1	 2:01.56	Johns Brian,21,UBCD
2	 2:02.31	Beavers Keith,21,ROW
3	 2:02.37	Oriwol Tobias,19,ESWIM
4	 2:03.54	Murray Chad,22,UCSC
5	 2:05.55	Castonguay Francois,21,CAMO
6	 2:06.43	Brown Michael,20,PERTH
7	 2:06.94	Aubry Jonathan,18,CAMO
8	 2:09.10	Hyder Cameron,21,UCSC

Women's 50 Free
It was another Canadian record for Laura Nicholls (TO*), but it wasn't good enough to qualify for Athens. In the heats Nicholls broke her own record with a 25.68, which she lowered to 25.60 for the win tonight. The time was 8 1/100ths of a second off the cut. In second was Jenna Gresdal (ESWIM) with a 25.76.

1	 r25.60	Nicholls Laura,25,TO
2	 25.76	Gresdal Jenna,19,ESWIM
3	 26.08	Lydall Anna,24,TO
4	 26.16	Beckberger Jennifer,18,AAC
5	 26.32	Rolland Nadine,29,SAMAK
6	 26.36	MacAuley Chrissy,21,TO
7	 26.50	Porenta Jennifer,19,TO
8	 26.54	Pomeroy Laura,20,TO

Men's 100 Free
Taking a cue from Steve Clarke's lane 8 win at the 1992 Olympic Trials, Brent Hayden (UBCD) took full advantage of his position in lane 1 to put some serious distance between himself and his next competitor. Out in 23.64, Hayden just got stronger as he surged to a new Canadian record and Olympic berth with a 49.19. Rick Say (UCSC) was second in 49.61-off the individual standard, but under the relay cut. Yannick Lupien (CNCB) was also under the relay cut, but fourth place Craig Hutchinson (TO*) was off, so it will be up to the selection committee to determine the makeup for Greece. "Being in lane 1 takes the pressure off since no one was looking at me," said Hayden. "I think the 200 is important because without it, I would never be able to finish off the 100 like that."

1	 r49.19	Hayden Brent,20,UBCD
2	 49.61	Say Rick,25,UCSC
3	 49.90	Lupien Yannick,24,CNCB
4	 50.54	Hutchison Craig,29,TO
5	 50.55	Janes Riley,24,NRST
6	 50.57	Rose Matthew,23,TRENT
7	 50.94	Mintenko Michael,28,UBCD
8	 51.11	Hankewich Chad,22,GOLD

Women's 200 Breast
Lauren van Oosten (UCSC) and Rhiannon Leier (MM) were the class of the field yet again, this time switching their order from the 100. Leier was out strong and led until the 150, with van Oosten and Lisa Blackburn (ROW) right on her shoulder, but it was van Oosten who doubled her stroke rate in the last 25 metres to pull away and touch in a personal best time of 2:28.44. Leier touched second in 2:29.15, also a personal best. Both women were off the Olympic standard, but were happy with their swims. "I can't make excuses about [injuries] anymore," said van Oosten. "I'm back and ready to race. Missing the Olympics in 2000 was difficult, but I grew stronger, and I am a better person because of it."

1	 2:28.44	van Oosten Lauren,25,UCSC
2	 2:29.15	Leier Rhiannon,27,MM
3	 2:30.77	Blackburn Lisa,32,ROW
4	 2:32.02	Hughes Stephanie,25,EAST
5	 2:32.83	Stoody Kathleen,21,SFA
6	 2:33.39	Pierse Annamay,20,UBCD
7	 2:33.41	Craft Jacquelyn,18,TRENT
8	 2:34.27	Petelski Christin,26,UVPCS

Men's 200 Back
In a breakthrough performance for Nathan O'Brien (PCS), he became a second generation Canadian Olympic swimmer tonight with his win of 1:59.17. O'Brien's mum, Lisa Geary, competed for Canada at the 1976 Games and he was all smiles to be able to secure his trip to Athens with her in the stands. "It means so much to me to go to the Olympics and I am so happy that my mum was here to see it." O'Brien beat out Keith Beavers who had just 40 minutes rest after his 200IM. Beavers touched in 1:59.36 and appeared quite unhappy with the fact that he was defeated. He quickly assured the fans that his Canadian record of 1:59.15 is still his. "My goal was to go my fastest time this year and I did that. If I hadn't swum the 200IM I would have broken my record tonight, but I will have a chance to defend it in a month."

1	 1:59.17	O'Brien Nathaniel,21,UVPCS
2	 1:59.36	Beavers Keith,21,ROW
3	 2:01.79	Strelzow Desmond,18,UBCD
4	 2:03.59	Hawes Matt,18,ROW
5	 2:04.31	Martinson Adam,20,UCSC
6	 2:04.89	Sayao Chuck,21,TO
7	 2:05.99	Caprara Stefano,21,NEW
8	 2:08.00	McMillan Bryan,22,GMAC