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Swimming Canada Bans Use of Speedo Suit at Trials

May 25, 2000

Swimming Canada has decided to ban the use of the Speedo Fastskin suit at its Olympic Trials because not enough suits were available to competitors. Speedo only had about 80 suits available and 120 were needed, so in order to avoid disputes and problems they have decided that no swimmers will be able to use the suits.

Part of the problem is that the suits are not available in stores. They are handed out to competitors by Speedo and the problem inevitably will arise about who gets one and who doesn't.

Swimming Canada has said that if Speedo can come up with enough suits to outfit all the finalists then they would review there decision.

However this ruling does not mean that swimmers cannot wear other manufacturers full body suits such as those made by Adidas. The Adidas suits have been worn before in Canadian competition and swimmers will be permitted to wear them if they wish.