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Embracing Change in 2014

Jan 7, 2014  - Nikki Dryden

The new year always brings change. Some of it we can plan (setting resolutions to get to bed earlier and eat healthier) some of it we can't (like the weather or how fast our competitors are going). But how we handle change, how we adapt is what sets great swimmers apart.

In the pool, hard winter training camps are over, some of us are tired, tanned and counting the days until taper starts. Others have already started.

What is perhaps best about the new year is of course our ability to mentally restart the clock. Sure we had high hopes in September to change bad habits, improve on our weaknesses, and never press snooze on the alarm clock. Yet for many, as the year comes to an end it is a slippery slope from US Thanksgiving through New Years' Eve. But as soon as the clock strikes midnight, its like the red hand on the 60 and you are free, ready to start over.

US college season is upon us and Erin Gaeckle writes about the three areas she focuses on heading into conference season: good nutrition, changing her dryland approach, and fine-tuning technique. Joanne Malar uses her expertise as a holistic nutritionist to examine the age old debate, what burns more fat and calories, swimming or running? Her answers will surprise you.

Casey Barrett takes a look at “pro swimming” as does this month's SwimNews editorial, which gives readers more insight into the magazine's voice and agenda. Adam Sioui reminisces about seeing Fred Bousquet break Tom Jager's 50 yard free record and introduces us to the newest, youngest and fastest kid on the planet, 17 year old Caeleb Dressel.

SwimNews will be changing a lot too over the next year as we upgrade our website and provide more space to hear the voices of our readers and the swimming community. We look forward to making change in our sport and hope you will speak up and join us.