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Gaul To Host Grand Prix-Style Series

Apr 14, 2013  - Craig Lord

France is to organise a series of five long-course grand prix-style events from next year to bolster its domestic race programme,  Lionel Horter, Gaul's technical director, announced on the last day of nationals in Rennes.

"We want to create a series of meets that make for an interesting product for everyone, a series that allows our best swimmers to meet at regular intervals," said Horter.

The long-course series will start in January, with one held about every five weeks, with the Paris Open in June/July, depending on the international calendar marking the last event, one that will be obligatory for all elite competitors aspiring to international waters.

France hopes to attract an international entry to its grand prix series, Horter noting, correctly, that "no such series exists in Europe". 

Meanwhile, the 2014 French nationaux will be held in Chartres from April 7 to 13 as trials for the European Championships in Berlin.