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FINIS Celebrates Its First Two Decades

Feb 20, 2013

FINIS, the American swim kit maker, celebrates its 20th anniversary today by offering online discounts to customers while staff enjoy a taco party.

John Mix, CEO, and one of the all-time comeback kings of swimming, Pablo Morales, Olympic 100m butterfly champion in 1992, founded FINIS in 1993 with the vision "to motivate every person in the world to swim better, swim often and train smarter". 

FINIS marked its 20 years in business by creating a new logo for 2013 and posting historical company pictures on Facebook and Twitter. An online discount of up to 40% on some goods is offered to customers here.

Mix is honoured today with a plaque from staff commemorating the 20-year milestone. He said: "Looking back from where it all started, I can say that I have truly enjoyed the past 20 years. When you are passionate about the cause, it’s hard to call it work. We have taken many risks and brought to market some crazy product ideas. But all the while, we felt that the products brought something different and positive to the swimming world.

"In the end, the remarkable growth and success of FINIS is the result of a dedicated staff. By sticking to our company vision, we have pushed our sport forward.  With this great team, there is no doubt that the next 20 years will be even more exciting than the first 20."

The company noted: "FINIS’ Monofin and Swimmer’s Snorkel were the company’s breakout products in the late 1990’s.  Used as a muscle strengthening training tool, the Foil Monofin helps swimmers learn to use the entire body to create a powerful and undulating dolphin kick through the water.  The Swimmer’s Snorkel allows swimmers to focus on technique without the need to turn the head to breathe.  Both of these products were the first of their kind to be introduced into the swimming market for training purposes."