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In this Issue - February 1999

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Ukrainian Individual Medley World Leader, Yana Klochkova

4 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month we have coverage of World Cups 6 - 10. We have a profile on US swimmer Allison Wagner and her personal battle with anorexia. Karin Helmstaedt attended the IOC Doping in Sport Conference in Lausanne and has a report for us. Olympic champion Mark Tewksbury has been outspoken during the IOC corruption scandal and has written an article stating his views on the subject. We have the results of recent competitions such as the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union's Swimming Championships, and the the East / West Junior Nationals. We also a World Junior ranking for boys born 1980 and later and girls born 1982 and later.

6 Speaking Out
By Mark Tewksbury
If You Stand for Nothing You Will Fall for Anything

7 IOC Doping in Sport Conference
By Karin Helmstaedt
They Just Don't Get It

8 Growth Hormone Detection Breakthrough
By Karin Helmstaedt
Growth Hormone Detection Breakthrough

18-19 Swimming History
By Cecil M. Colwin
Two First for Charles Steedman

19 Charles Steedman Bio
By Cecil M. Colwin
Charles Steedman Bio

20-21 Poster: Antje Buschschulte, Germany
By Marco Chiesa

22 American Personality: Allison Wagner
By Nikki Dryden
The Making Of The Perfect Swimmer

33 FINA World Cup 6
By Nick J. Thierry
Thompson in World Record Form Again

34 FINA World Cup 7
By Nick J. Thierry
Thorpedo In Full Flight

35 FINA World Cup 8
By Nick Thierry
Klochkova and Chen Set World Cup Records

36 FINA World Cup 9
By Nick Thierry
World Record for O'Neill

36 FINA World Cup 10
By Nick Thierry
Klochkova Now World Leader in 400 IM

46 Making Waves
Features some of Canada's Top Age Group Performers.

7-8 International Meet Results


4 Calendar
10 World Boys Junior / Youth LC Rankings
11 World Girls Junior / Youth LC Rankings
12 World Short Course Rankings
13 Record Setters
14 TOP (Tiny Olympic Prospects)
17 Olympic Standards
25 Marketplace
26-31 Canadian TAG (Top 25 Age Group Times)