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In this Issue - April 1999

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Grant Hackett (AUS) and Jenny Thompson (USA), World Record Setters in Hong Kong

4 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month we have it all. We had our staff working overtime all over the world this past month. It began with Paul Quinlan covering the Australian Championships in Brisbane. Nikki Dryden and Marco Chiesa went to Long Island, N.Y. to cover the U.S. Spring Nationals, while simultaneously Nick Thierry and Patrick Kraemer cover the World Short Course Champs in Hong Kong. Our writers Nikki Dryden and Anita Lonsbrough have given us some terrific personality profiles on swimmers Lenny Krayzelburg (USA), Grant Hackett (AUS) and Nadezdha Chemezova (RUS) as well as a personality profile of U.S. Coach Josh Stern.

6 1999 Telstra Australian Championships
By Paul Quinlan
Hackett Moves Into the Limelight

9 Results Australian Championships
Results from the Australian Championships

7 Personality: Grant Hackett
By Anita Lonsbrough
Keeping the Rest of the World at Bay

19-20 Results World Short Course Championships
Results from the World Short Course Championships

21 CTS 4th World Swimming Championships
By Nick J. Thierry
Australia Rules, Winning Most Golds and Most Medals

22 World Champs - Day 1
By Nick J. Thierry

23, 26 World Champs - Day 2
By Nick J. Thierry

24-25 Poster: Dr. Ron Karnaugh, USA
By Marco Chiesa

26, 27 World Champs - Day 3
By Nick J. Thierry

28 World Champs - Day 4
By Nick J. Thierry

27 Personality: Nadezdha Chemezova
By Anita Lonsbrough

30BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news
Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.

41-43 1999 U.S. Spring Nationals
By Nikki Dryden
Wilkens Triple Winner - Another Record for Krayzelburg

43 Results U.S. Spring Nationals
Results from the U.S. Spring Nationals

44 American Personality: Lenny Krayzelburg
By Nikki Dryden
The Best Backstroker in the World

45 Coaching Personality: Josh Stern
By Nikki Dryden
Everything is Geared Towards Long-Term Success

46 Making Waves
Features some of Canada's Top Age Group Performers.

International Meet Results


4 Calendar
9 Results Australian Nationals
10 Record Setters
11-18 TAG (Top 50 Short Course Performances)
19 Results World Short Course Championships
16 Top Plus (10 & under Canadian Rankings)
29 Marketplace
31-38 TAG (Top 50 Short Course Performances)
39-40 U.S. Nationals Results