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Penny Heyns, RSA, Amazing Heyns Betters 11 World Records

5 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month we have a review of Canada's top swimmers of the century. Nikki Dryden and Karin Helmstaedt report on the views from swimmers and administrators to the reinstatement of semi-finals. Nikki Dryden provides us with her basic Behaviour Rules for Swimmers. She also gives us the story of three swimmers and how they cope with the mental struggle of being physically injured. We also have profiles on swimmers James Hickman (GBR) and Ralf Braun of (GER). A short report on the Austalian Short Course Champs from Canberra, Australia. Wayne Goldsmith also gives us his 10 most frequently asked questions by parents. We also have a book review of "Four Champions, One Gold Medal" as well as our regular meet results and stats.

4 Swimmer of the Year
By Nick J. Thierry
Amazing Heyns Betters 11 World Records

4 Australian SC Champs
By Nick J. Thierry
Five World Records in Canberra

6 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
By Wayne Goldsmith
The Top Ten Questions Asked by Athletes and Parents

8 Book Review
By Nick J. Thierry
The True Story of Four Swimmers Who Battled for the same Olympic Medal

9 Book Excerpts
Excerpts from the Book "Four Champions, One Gold Medal"

10 BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news
Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.

16 Staying Focussed
By Wayne Goldsmith
Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

17 Canadian Swimming History - Only Available in our Print Publication
By Jack Kelso
Best Ever Canadian Swimmers

21 Swimming Etiquette
By Nikki Dryden
Behaviour Rules for Swimmers

22 Issues
By Nikki Dryden and Karin Helmstaedt
More Swims in the Next Millenium

24-25 Poster: Grant Hackett, AUS
By Marco Chiesa

26 Perspective
By Nikki Dryden
Why I Was Injured

28 British Personality: James Hickman
By Leah Wizelman
Always Motivated, Seldom Satisfied

45 German Personality: Ralf Braun
By Karin Helmstaedt
The Decision to Take Him Despite Not Having Qualified Paid Off

45 Poolside
Cool Pool Invitational

46 Making Waves
Features some of Canada's Top Age Group Performers.

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11 All Time Top 10 SCM Tag Times, 11-12
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29 TAG Top 50 LCM Age Group Times
30 Top 50 Age Group Times, 11-12
35 Top 50 Age Group Times, 13-14
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