In this Issue - June 1999

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Mette Jacobsen, DEN, Six Event Winner on the Mare Nostrum Series

5 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month we have coverage of the Mare Nostrum Series in Europe. Russ Ewald has an interview with the U.S. swimmer Josh Davis who tells us a little bit about his life since the 1996 Olympics. We also have short reports on the Speedo Super Grand Prix from Britain and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim from New York. We also have a short report on the retirement of British swimmer Ian Wilson.

4 Ask Judy
By Judy Goss, Ph.D.
Hitting Your Taper

4 The Limiting Factors in Coaching
Wayne Goldsmith and Bill Sweetenham

10 BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news
Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.

13 1999 Mare Nostrum Series
By Karin Helmstaedt
Klim Sweeps Butterfly Sprints

16-17 Poster: Morgan Knabe, CAN
By Marco Chiesa

18 U.S. Personality: Josh Davis
By Russ Ewald
Triple Olympic Relay Gold Medal Winner Finds a Job He Likes

20 Open Water Swimming
By Nick J. Thierry
Tobie Smith Wins 18th Annual Manhattan Marathon

29 Poolside in Britain
By Anita Lonsbrough
Records Fall At Speedo Super Grand Prix Final

29 Wilson Calls It A Day
By Anita Lonsbrough

30 Making Waves
Features some of Canada's Top Age Group Performers.

International Meet Results


5 Calendar
6 North American Round-Up
7 All Time Canadian TAG Times
10 TOP (Tiny Olympic Prospects)
20 Canadian 25K Pan Pacific Trials
21 TOP Plus (10 & Under Rankings)
22-27 TAG (Top 25 Age Group Times)
28 Marketplace