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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

With the World Championships in January, much springtime swimming around the world had a certain anti-climactic feeling. The Australian Championships are featured in this issue, and they certainly followed the pattern. The heroics of "Thorpedo" Ian Thorpe saved the meet but super swimmer Michael Klim was tired and managed a single win. Paul Quinlan, our Australian Editor, was in Melbourne and provided the story and detailed results.

Great performances always are the product of a partnership between great athletes and a great coach. Gennadi Touretski, who coaches Michael Klim, Matthew Dunn, and Alexander Popov at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, is one of the very best. His article on page 19 shows clearly why.

Who better to pay tribute to George Gate than Jack Kelso, a Commonwealth and Pan Am medallist, and NCAA winner in 1962, who got his start in Ocean Falls. Gate has had an incredible career as a coach in B.C., Montreal and Pointe Claire. He was a mentor to a large number of Canadian coaches who learned the art of coaching from Gate.

Karin Helmstaedt has moved to Berlin, GER, and has attended some of the court proceedings against coaches, doctors, and administrators of the former GDR. Her report is on page 23. She also writes about the latest chapter of the on-going circus around Michelle Smith-de Bruin, on page 35.

Russ Ewald, US Editor, describes the amazing comeback from injury and retirement of Ashley Tappin.

The perennial issue of Canadians attending American universities is analyzed with pros and cons by Matthew McWha, a recent McGill graduate who also competed and graduated from Princeton University. Cecil Colwin provides an overview of our sport as the end of the century approaches.

On page 12 we start American TAG times for the winter season. These are 25 yards times, and were compiled by Russ Ewald from results he was able to receive from throughout the U.S. It's by no means complete. But it is a first, and is available in May and is 25 deep. Rankings for the current winter are only available next spring. With a lot more help and support, American TAG will grow to become accurate and a regular monthly feature.

It will be available and updated on our website at http://www.swimnews.com, as we have had a number of reports of missing times only hours after it was put on-line.

Canadian TAG times are up-to-date with all meets received to mid May. Thanks to hosts who couriered their results. It makes it easier at this end.

It had to happen. congratulations to Tobias Oriwol, of Pointe Claire who bettered NAG records in 50 and 25 m pools in the same events, at the same meet. A rare first.

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