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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

This issue covers the Speedo Winter Nationals held long course in Winnipeg in early March. Karin Helmstaedt and Marco Chiesa looked after the story and pictures. Although performance levels were off somewhat as those who competed in January at the World Championships were no longer in top shape, new faces were on the podium and everyone is anticipating faster times this summer at Commonwealth Trials in August.

There was an enormous amount of swimming activity during February and early March as all the provinces hosted their age group championships and the respective Junior Nationals produced large entries and many fast swims. It took a lot of effort to compile all these results but you'll see from this month's TAG list how fast everyone swam at the end of the winter season. Yet to come will be April's final 50 TAG list, which will include some smaller invitationals received that have not yet been incorporated into the database.

Katharine Dunn covered the CIAUs in Sherbrooke and her story of Dalhousie coach Nigel Kemp retirement is a fine tribute. Katharine swam for Nigel during her own competitive years at Dalhousie.

The story on scholarships is one we've written on many times during the past 20 years. This time I hope for the athletes' sake that it will become a reality.

Paul Quinlan, our Australian Editor, writes on coach Doug Frost and how Ian Thorpe's development resulted in a world championship win at 15. There is a lot to be learned from this piece.

Russ Ewald interviewed Ron Karnaugh, who is truly an amazing athlete, the oldest medal winner in Perth at age 31. His story of personal tragedy in 1992 and training while attending medical school should be an inspiration to all. There is no article from Cecil Colwin as he is busy finishing his new book, which will include articles he's written for us and other magazines for the past two decades.

Next month we'll cover some of the major American meets, like the men's and women's NCAAs, and their long course Spring Nationals. The nine competitions of the World Cup will have ended and we'll give you a wrap-up of the whole series, which has produce several world records and some excellent competitions. I had the privilege to attend the first four stages, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Rio.

We should also have results from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where their Commonwealth Teams will be selected.

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