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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

This issue was delayed and went to press a couple of weeks later than usual. We ask for your understanding.

Canadians, Australians, and Americans joined some of the best Europeans at the annual Mare Nostrum Competitions in the south of France. Karin Helmstaedt attended these meets and reports on what happened. She talked with butterfly world record holder Denis Pankratov who is on the comeback trail with Sydney 2000 as the ultimate goal.

Jack Kelso, just retired from UBC, where he was a professor in the faculty of Human Kinetics, writes a historical overview of the Commonwealth Games. Jack competed at the 1962 Commonwealth Games held in Perth, Australia, where he finished third in the 440 yards individual medley.

Australian Editor Paul Quinlan describes how coach Denis Cotterell prepared Grant Hackett to become a world champion at age 17.

Karin Helmstaedt, who is now based in Berlin, Germany, covers the ongoing German Doping Trials. The surprising development that two former international swimmers wish to return their medals (as does a female shotputter, who eventually underwent a sex change due to prolonged steroid use) was greeted with mixed reaction. The trials still have many months to go.

The Canadian Youth Championships produced the usual good performances from these up-and- comers. Robbie Taylor from COBRA was particularly impressive with his four wins in record times.

Gary Kinkead, who spent some years in Montreal, now coaching in Indianapolis, sent along his guidelines for swimmers considering scholarships after reading Matt McWha's fine piece in the last issue. This topic has really hit the mark as we received a number of letters for Backwash. For most Canadian swimmers not likely to be carded or make an international team, the US-based scholarship is a tantalizing opportunity not available in Canada.

American Editor Russ Ewald provides a profile of Bill Pilczuk, the surprise winner of the 50 freestyle world championships last January. His story is remarkable and inspirational.

It is pleasing to have received so much feedback on recent articles. Please make your voice heard through SWIMNEWS. Let us know what's on your mind.

The second instalment of American TAG times as compiled by Russ Ewald is published. It has been updated considerably since the last issue, but we're still missing most results from Florida as we have been unable to get anyone to provide any.

Canadian TAG times are up-to-date to the end of June and we also publish a 10 & Under TOP Plus list.

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