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Poor call:

At Canada Games the meet announcer read the results off the electronic board before officials gave him the green light to do so. In one of the relay prelims, unaware that two teams would be disqualified, the results were annouced without the dq's. Officials rescinded the dq's, explaining once a result has been announced it's official, preventing a seventh place team from advancing to finals. It happened more than once, much to the dismay of agrieved provincial team coaches.

30 Year Reunion:

The Oakville Aquatic Club is hosting a 30 year reunion of past and present members at the Richview Golf and Country Club, 2204 Bronte Road, from 4-6 pm on October 25, 1997. Current members would be honoured if you could attend. Please RSVP (905) 842-0903, before October 13.

The issue that just won't go away:

Forbes Carlile, member of the World Swimming Coaches Association(WSCA) Anti-Doping Committee reports that the American Coaches are determined that retrospective recognition and restitution of Olympic and World Championship medals won by Americans and other nations' swimmers be made, even if more than 20 years after the event.

Carlile has just attended the American Swimming Coaches Association annual convention where he talked with coach activists pressing for action by FINA, the world governing body for swimming. Americans have suffered most from illegal drug use by the East German athletes for at least 15 years. "There is a perceived reluctance by FINA and by the IOC to dig back into the past, but American coaches are not letting the matter of justice for cheated swimmers drop.

"Show us the evidence" FINA and the IOC have said.

If the copious information in the Stasi files will hold up legally-doubt has been cast on authenticity, not unexpectedly from some quarters in Germany-then U.S Swimming seems certain to request FINA and the IOC to take restitutitive action. If this is denied it is likely that any refusal to act will be taken on appeal to the Court of Sports Arbitration in Lausanne for a decision. It is ironic that this court, with three judicial arbitrators, was set up on the initiative of the IOC to by-pass civil courts. "Both FINA and the IOC have given the impression that they have to be dragged screaming to dispense justice for cheated swimmers. It is hoped that the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) will settle this matter for good."

Revised team scoring at Summer Nationals:

During a review of eligibility for the club grant program it has come to light that Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) swam an ineligible swimmer Isabel Ceballos on their 4x50 and 4x100 medley relays, she also placed 9th in the 100 and 200 breaststroke, and 12th in the 200 individual medley. ROW will have 63 points deducted from their women's and overall total.

According to the SNC Eligibility Rules, Isabel Ceballos should have swum unattached as she was not registered with ROW until May 16, 1997 (not prior to the April 1, 1997, deadline as required by Rule SNC 2.5).


I received the copies of SWIMNEWS last week. I must say it is one of the best written pieces about me that I've seen. It very accurately expressed my thoughts, outlook and my story (believe it or not, this does not happen all the time). And on top of all that, you made me sound pretty intelligent, which was very much appreciated. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

All the best.

All the best,
Pablo Morales


After two years of coaching in the U.S and 12 years coaching in Canada I have a few thoughts I would like to share with your readers.

The great things about swimming in the U.S.
Number 3: The Capitalistic Approach Success is rewarded financially even within clubs. Winning is Good "We are and will continue to be the best" attitude.

Number 2: Great competitions within easy driving distance.

Number 1: Strong financial support from swimmers to go the Nationals and Junior Nationals from US Swimming.

The great things about swimming in Canada
Number 3: A larger percentage of swimmers and coaches get exposure to National and International swimming.

Number 2: Youth Nationals (Junior Nationals in the U.S. is for 19 & unders and takes approximately Canadian National cuts to make and there is no bridge between State Championships and Junior Nationals).

The number 1 great thing is: Monthly TAG times, World Rankings, National proof of times, SWIMNEWS and Nick Thierry. These communication vehicles and tools are vastly superior to the Official Verification Cards, top 16 age group rankings once per season available in the U.S.

Thanks Nick! You are like my mother, it took me leaving the country and not having you around to truly appreciate what you do for everybody.

Kevin Auger,
Chigago, Illinois

Remember... It's not true until it has been officially denied

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