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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

In this issue Cecil Colwin concludes his three-part series on the 50-year saga of the breaststroke rules, concluding with the evolution of the fourth stroke--butterfly.

In a related article he recommends the immediate closing of any loopholes in the wording of existing stroke rules.

Colwin is uniquely qualified for these observations, having coached and written on swimming for 50 years.

A club survey was to have been published sometime this year, but after mailing out over 100 questionnaires, just under 20 were returned: not enough of a sample to make the exercise meaningful.

Neil Harvey's essay is on the current swim club situation in Canada with observations and comments on developments in other countries. We are grateful to those who spoke with Neil, especially Pierre Lafontaine, Dynamo SC in Atlanta, George Gate, Aquatic Director in Pointe Claire, and Larry Tapp, a past president of the Etobicoke SC and the national association, now head of the Business School at the University of Western Ontario.

Karin Helmstaedt attended the French Nationals and later the Mare Nostrum series in the south of France. She talked with Germany's rising swim star Sandra Volker, whose innovative training program could be a model for others in the future.

A tradition in the West Islands of Montreal is decsribed by Lynn Skallerup--the weekly Wednesday night summer swim league, where many future stars got their early start.

Anita Lonsbrough describes the influx of massive new funding from the Lottery Fund and how it will be put to use by the Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain. She also attended the WSCA Gold Medal Coaches Conference and reports on their proposed dialogue with FINA.

Cecil Colwin talked last year with Otto Sonnleiter, president of the Australian Coaches Association, and his comments on coaching education and institutionalized swimming are covered in the Colwin on Coaching series.

TAG is now up to full capacity in all but a couple of events as long course meet results are steadily arriving. We are still being sent short course times, which of course are not ranked.

Next month we'll feature the Youth Championships from Regina. Karin Helmstaedt will be covering the German Nationals in Munich in early July.
Fast swimming everyone.

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