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A Panel Of Coaches Needed To Review Innovative Ideas


Cecil M. Colwin

Cal Bentz, Head Coach of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, suggests that coaches deal with "new ideas" by selecting a panel of coaches whose charge it would be to review creative and innovative ideas submitted to them by other coaches. "The panel could determine the viability of creative ideas becoming legitimate additions to our sport and make recommendations to our coaches' body for ratification and support. I believe the panel should be made up of many of the "great minds" of past and present, which certainly should include those representiing the purist's position, as well as those who support the creative position. The panel could release a periodic report and recommendations to the coaching body, which would allow us all to examine their work, and draw our own conclusions about the direction in which competitive swimming should move."

John Leonard, Executive Director of the World Swimming Coaches' Association (WSCA), when questioned on his reaction to Coach Bentz's suggestion, said: "Cal Bentz has come up with a very progressive idea. His suggestion goes to the heart of the matter, because it would draw on the views of coaches who walk the pooldeck every day. Such input would give us the cumulative views of leading coaches worldwide, and their professional expertise can then be delivered to FINA to facilitate the work of its Technical Committee. This would be the next best thing to having a permanent representative on the FINA Bureau, an objective towards which WSCA continues to strive."

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