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Training Beside Olympians Has Clearly Made A Difference


Neil Harvey

"I'm very happy right now. Actually I'm in a bit of shock. I was not expecting this, I got my carding and the trip to Japan. It's great!" A very excited Alison Zwarich had clearly done the job. She finished second in the 100 freestyle to qualify for the Pan Pacs and was not at a loss for words. "This has been really good for me. I want to be the best."

Her goal at the beginning of the year was to make this team. Part of the inspiration for her performance came from her teammate Curtis Myden. "It is great to watch him and train with him. He has taught me a lot about swimming. He is also a very good friend." Training beside Olympians has clearly made a difference in Allison's career. Alison swims at the University of Calgary with National Centre coach Mike Blondal.

"I don't consider myself young. Age is not really important to me. I just get in there and compete." No fear indeed!

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