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Competitive By Nature


Neil Harvey

"I feel like I'm still improving. I have not reached my peak yet and there is so much more I can achieve." 18-year-old Nicole Davey improved almost a second in her 100 freestyle here to earn a berth on the Pan Pac team to Japan. "I don't want to end up in the one-shot-where-are-they-now files."

Nicole Davey
For larger 64k photo click on image. Photo © Marco Chiesa

After following Bill O'Toole, her coach of six years, to the Cobra Swim club in Brampton, Nicole has reached a world ranking for the first time. "We always look at the world level as well as the Canadian competition. It keeps my view open ended since there is much more going on out there." Her 57.00 swim in the 100 freestyle puts her in the World top 30 this year.

Nicole likes the power and speed training phases of the season. Bill's program has been oriented to the sprints with very good success over the past six years. Nicole is a very powerful-looking swimmer with lots of speed. "I wanted to get out fast today, to get my rhythm going and build from there. I work on stroke length throughout the race and keeping my body position up in the water."

"I think better short-term. Training dictates my race, the faster I can go in training, the higher my confidence will be." Bill O'Toole said that Nicole will average within a second of her best time for a set of 50s. Nicole finished third in the 50 freestyle, just off her personal best of 26.40.

"I love everything about swimming, it's so exciting. I'm very competitive by nature and I train to race." From the results of this nationals, the sun is ascending for this young swimmer.

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