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If I Was In The Race From The Beginning I Could Bring It Home


Neil Harvey

Lindsay Beavers has just finished one of the most exciting races at this year's nationals. The 800 freestyle was a four-way race for most of the way. Lindsay led for the first 750 meters, finishing a close second to the sprint finish by Andrea Schwartz. "I'm ecstatic! I just went for it. I knew that if I was in the race from the beginning I could bring it home."

"The longer the race, the better I swim. I have had a great year. I finished second at winter nationals and that gave me the confidence to do this." This swim puts Lindsay in the World top 50 swims this year and represents a 15-second drop from last summer. The confident 16-year-old had nothing to lose here.

"I had already made the Ontario Canada Games team, so I was totally relaxed about this race. All I had to do was just swim it. There was no pressure, it was a win-win situation." Rob Wallenius, her coach of six years, said she went right back to training camp after the Canada Games trials. "She has great focus when she wants to. I'm happy."

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