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This is our very special Olympic issue.
We have worked hard to give you the most comprehensive coverage. It took the efforts of everyone involved with SWIM to be able to put together this issue.

Marco Chiesa
For larger 64k photo click on image.

Marco Chiesa, our photo editor shown in full gear below, took over 4,000 pictures (120 rolls of 35mm film) thanks to Olympic sponsor KODAK which provided the film and processing for the 1,200 + accredited photographers at the Olympics. Just to sort through this vast quantity of negatives and identify each shot has taken considerable effort. The 40 or so colour images in this issue are the first fruits of all this work. They have been digitized using a NIKON Coolscan and colour corrected in Adobe Photoshop by Marco.

Karin Helmstaedt, our international editor who lives in France, travelled to Kingston, ON, with her eight month old son Tristan, who spent July with his grandmother. Karin went to Atlanta where she worked for ACOG at the swimming competition providing flash quotes and transcribing the post race press conferences with the medal winners. Many of the quotes you'll read about are the end product of her work. Her language skills (german, french, english) made her invaluable.

Nick Thierry entered all the results into the RANK Database and produced prelims and final results with some commentary for our internet site twice daily. Marco did the HTML coding necessary for the web site.

Our days were 16-18 hours in duration. When the seven days of swimming ended we were all exhausted. Hope you enjoy this issue and appreciate the work that went into putting it all together.

TAG times include provincial championships from July (except Man/Sask, received too late for inclusion). We'll be up to date in the next issue.

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