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Anita Lonsbrough

At the FINA Congress in Rio de Janeiro last November, it was decided to postpone the decision on penalties against federations but at the same time agreed upon a four year ban for a first offence following a positive drug test from steroids.

At the next Congress meeting in Atlanta, there was a move by FINA leaders to revert back to a minimum two year ban. Their argument was based on the expense of civil litigation caused by appeals. The Australian proposal made in Rio was owerwhelmingly approved in Atlanta.

When one considers the Jessica Foschi case in the U.S. earlier this year it is clear that the length of ther ban does not have any bearing on whether or not a competitor would take his or her case to the courts.

The Atlanta Congress agreed to an ammendment where the federation country of residence rather than the country of origin will be punished.

If a federation has four positives from anabolic steroids within a 12 month period from swimmers under their jurisdiction they will receive a suspension for two years.

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