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Anita Lonsbrough

Deryk Snelling returns home to Britain as Director of Performance after an absence of nearly 30 years. He claims "it is just at the right time in my career to be taking on this project."

The 63-year-old has been employed to provide leadership and co-operation for the planning and implementation of a program leading to Olympic and World Championship medals for Great Britain.

It is a task he is looking forward to "very, very much indeed, more than you can imagine! There are endless possibilities in Britain and there is so much room for change."

His first task is to produce a long term National Development Plan and have it passed by the Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain's Swimming Committee and the Sports Council.

The ASFGB wants a handful of Olympic gold medals by the end of his four year contract. Deryk believes that "you have won two medals at the Atlanta Games-we can do a lot better."

Deryk made his final appearance with the Canadian team at the Atlanta Olympics, where Canadians won three medals-a silver and two bronze, just one bronze more than Britain.

Deryk's role in Britain will not include the coaching of swimmers, something he believes he will not miss. Instead he will be coaching the coaches.

The appointment of Deryk Snelling as the National Performance Director is part of ASFGB's plan to improve the overall standing of swimming in Britain and make it one of the country's top sports.

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